Oh, the changes you would see

College is expensive. Tuition is a lot of money and students often complain about where their money is going.

If I was in charge at Central Michigan University, students would have more energy, less stress and be more physically fit.

How you might ask? Here’s what I propose:

1.Free coffee dispensers

Let’s face it, we all could use more sleep. College is hard and buying coffee every day is taxing to our wallets. There are water bottle filling stations in almost every building on campus. Why not have a free coffee filling station in every academic building on campus? All students would have to do is bring their own sugar, creamer, and cups.


2. Therapy dogs every week 

Like many college students, I miss my pets. When the therapy dogs come to the library during exam week, everyone goes wild. It’s almost like a celebrity steps foot on campus. To keep stress low and energy high, I would have therapy dogs in the library every Wednesday night.


3. A larger weight room 

The weight room in the SAC is not the ideal size. It works and the equipment is good, but I am always hearing students say they wish it was larger and there was more equipment. Four squat racks for 18,000 people doesn’t exactly add up. For a division one school, I would knock down a few walls and order more equipment to make the best possible weight room for students. This would be very costly so donations would be greatly accepted.


I may not be in charge now, but it I was those would be the first changes I would make.