Personally- My personal goal is to continue to network and make new friends; I love meeting new people. There is no such thing as having too many friends. I meet people all the time in my classes, student organizations, church, and all around campus. To grow a relationship, it is important to keep my phone away and engage in conversations. I will also join more organizations and go to events around campus. To make new friends I need to rely on myself to push myself out of my comfort zone.

Professionally- I am going to strive to become the Director of Digital Media of Program Board by the time I am a junior. Program Board is a registered student organization at Central Michigan University that provides entertainment and activities to students at a free or affordable cost. I love social media and I think it is a great way to communicate information to large groups of people. To reach this goal I am going to continue to go to weekly member meetings and volunteer at the events on campus. The current executive board will help me by showing me how to effectively contribute to the organization. 

Academically- A very important value of mine is academics, therefore I am going to finish each semester at Central Michigan University with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. This is an obtainable goal if I continue to show up to all of my classes, go to my professor’s office hours when I need help, complete and turn in all of my homework, and thoroughly study for all of my exams. My professors and peers in the same classes as me will help me accomplish this goal if I reach out to them when I need help.