Program Board

I have been involved with Program Board since the beginning of my freshman year at Central Michigan University. Program Board is a student lead organization that provides entertainment and activities to students and the community at a free or affordable cost. I joined because I had heard about the organization from my sister who went to CMU, and it sounded so much fun. She said there was a group that coordinated concerts on campus. While this is true, Program Board also puts on movies, lectures, karaoke nights, Pinterest parties, and so much more! Not only has the organization been fun for me, but it has also helped with my time management skills because I have to make time for weekly meetings and also get my homework done. I have also volunteered at events and have worked promotion tables, gaining experience with promoting, and I hope to become an executive board member during my sophomore or junior year. Below is a picture of some members and I with one of the music acts who came to campus at a promotion table, and a pumpkin I painted at a meeting.




Adopt-A-Grandparent is a  year long co-mentoring program between a student and a senior citizen at an assisted living home. I go to Maplewood of Mount Pleasant every week for at least an hour to visit my adopted grandmother, Sharon. There we socialize about our week and events that have been going on in our lives. We also put puzzles together, knit, play Scrabble, and eat together. I joined the program because my grandmother fell and broke her hip this past fall and was put into an assisted living home while she regained her strength. When I went to visit her, I realized she must get bored. When I returned to college, I found out about the Adopt-A-Grandparent program and I really wanted to make a difference in someone’s life. I joined the program at the end of January during my freshman year, and I have taken away the importance of mutual relationships. I learn from Sharon and I hope she learns from me as well. I plan to continue being involved in this program until I graduate from CMU. I am never in a bad mood after I see her because the environment is so positive and heart-warming.

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